Monday, January 23, 2012

"I'll Rip Your Bones Out!"

Posted by:  Blue

Today, we took a call for threats made to a complainant over the phone.

Per dispatch, an unknown male had called our complainant 3 times and hung-up each time.  The complainant called back the number on the call display, enquiring as to the reason for the calls.  The male on the other end told her if she didn't stop calling, he would come over and "Rip your bones out!"

The calls were coming to a small business's front desk.  When we arrived and verified our dispatch info, the complainant laughed and said "No... rip the phones out!"

My partner called the number from the call display... a male answered. 

Long story short, the male had been in the middle of a prostate exam when he had received a call from what he thought was the complainant's number.  He answered in the middle of the exam and that's why he said he was so upset. 

He must have been in the middle of another exam, because he yelled at my partner too.

I couldn't stop laughing.

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