Thursday, February 24, 2011


Posted by: Blue

Today, after handing my Primary Officer a Special Report for the Chief, I headed back down the hall and up the stairs to rejoin the class in the computer lab.  As I left, I heard my Sergeant call me back.  I jumped back down the stairs.

My Sergeant wanted to mention that last week during a Problem Based Learning exercise (PBL), he had taken an exceptional notice to my leadership and grasp of the material.  He said he was impressed and that I should keep-up the good work.  I thanked him for his encouragement and again dismissed myself.

I haven't stopped grinning since I turned about-face.  Encouragement is a real motivator.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Change of Heart

The Boy: Mom, I changed my mind.

Me: About what?

The Boy: I don't want to be a firefighter helicopter pilot anymore (which he's wanted to be for 2 years now).

Me: Well, what do you want to be?

The Boy: I want to go to daddy's school and become a police officer.

*Since this conversation he's been practicing everything he thinks a police officer knows how to do...but mainly it consists of walking several paces from a window and turning around, fairly quickly, and shooting a suction dart at a desired area (he closes the blinds half way so it becomes more of a challenge).

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

V is for Valentine

Valentine's Day went pretty much as I had expected it to...uneventful. I would be lying if I said that a small part of me didn't want some sort of showy event, but to be honest, I'm fine with just staying home. As long as Blue actually remembers that it's V-day I'm happy.

I made sure that I gave him plenty of hints for what I actually wanted. "Blue, aren't those nice cards that the kids got from their grandma? I sure do like those cards. They were so happy to get a card for Valentine's Day."

Blue got home from Academy carrying a card and my favorite chocolate bar (Lindt Ecuador Dark). I was happy to see that the man can take a hint. The card was perfect. Short and sweet. All I wanted was a card...and a glass of wine. What I didn't want was to feel horribly sick, which I did. I ended-up crashing in bed just after 9. Blue was memorizing the Criminal Code and I was supposed to be making sure he wasn't messing up, but I couldn't keep my eyes open.

So that was Valentine's Day. Blue cuddled-up with homework and me, sound asleep beside him.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Walking Tall

I've noticed, just in the past day or so, that Blue is walkin' tall (although, at 6'5" this comes fairly naturally). His shoulders seem to be back a little further. His head seems to be held a little higher.

While driving in the truck today I decided to ask him about this. I broached the subject about the slight shift and once he thought about it he realized it was true, he did feel a bit different. I offered my two cents for why this might be.

1. You aren't griping about your crappy boss all the time.
2. You're learning about stuff that you're actually interested in.
3. You're happy to be changing careers.

Blue agreed with all of these observations but then said that it was still over and above all of that, it was that he feels liberated to progress. I liked what he said.

When you're beaten down for so long and your talents are stifled/unwanted it's like someone closed the blinds on life. It's hard to notice when the sun is out. But when someone actually notices your potential and comes along side of you to help you be your best and is eager to see you succeed, man, that's when the sun shines its brightest. You feel as though there is no limit to what you can achieve.

It's good to see him happy and smiling when he gets home at the end of the day.
Yes, Blue has been walking tall. He feels supported by everyone around him; friends, family, officers, fellow recruits, heck, even the Use of Force guys that are trying to kill him three days a week.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 2

Posted by: Blue

After cutting the lock off my locker with a set of bolt cutters generously provided by one of the Use of Force instructors (apparently The service buys better, harder-to-pick pad locks than I do), I changed into uniform, informed our class supervisor of my shortcomings, and received my punishment: a short presentation on the necessary conditions to release a person from custody. Not a bad assignment.  Plus, the new lock I got has a combination.  Not a key.

First inspection and drill today. It was fun. Didn't take long to teach us rookies the basics of standing "at attention", "at ease", and "easy".

Tomorrow morning is voluntary "caveman" workout with the Use of Force instructors.  Sounds like fun.

Same Dad

The Boy had been sitting on a chair watching the sidewalk in front of our house like a hawk. Daddy was going to be home soon.

The back door slowly cracked open and The Boy went running to the other side of the house. Blue came up the back lane. The Boy rounded the corner and stopped dead in his tracks.

Where's the uniform? Where's the cop car? He was confused. He thought his daddy was supposed to be a cop now, so why did he look like the same ol' daddy?

He turned and walked away...a bit disappointed.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 1

Posted by: Blue

Today, I rode the bus to academy.  I was there early.  Too early.  Doors were locked.

We met the chief today.  He shook each of our hands, and welcomed us, and handed us our epaulettes with badge numbers embroidered in gold.  I've seen him on TV, and liked his charisma.  I liked him even more in person.

Our instructors introduced themselves.  We met our platoon Primaries.  We stood around during brief breaks in the first day routine, looking awkward in our new uniforms, and speculating about the next 19 weeks.

At the end of the day, after lectures from the Chief, Inspector and Staff Sergeant about the high expectations for our performance, attention to detail, and diligence, we were dismissed.

As I changed back into my "civvies", I made-up my mind to do my best all through training to be at the top of my class.  I hung up my dress pants neatly in my locker, put some study material in my bag, and locked my locker to go home.

Trouble is, the key to my locker is still in my dress pants.  Locked inside my locker.  First inspection is tomorrow morning.

I've been practicing lock-picking all evening on a couple of spare padlocks.  Think I've got it down-pat...


Today's the day. THE day. THE. DAY! We've finally made it after 15 months of waiting.

Blue becomes a cop today...well, a cop in training at least. His hair is cut and his boots are polished (about 50 times over). He popped out of bed at a ridiculous hour, sleep was simply out of the question. He's left his truck full of beloved tools at home and has replaced it with a bus and a backpack full of books. He couldn't be happier.

Good luck Blue.
I can't wait to hear all about your first day!