Thursday, September 22, 2011


Posted by: Blue

This past Sunday, while on evening shift, the Sergeant gave us an early leave to go for wings and a brew.

The four of us had a round of each and then headed off home.

Unbeknownst to us, three blocks away was a shooting just as we were leaving.

The suspect vehicle was described as a black Dodge Ram.

One of my shift-mates was driving a dark blue Chevy Silverado.

The helicopter picked him up on camera and sicced the night shift crew on him.  He was followed all the way accross the city to a few blocks away from home where he was taken down in a high-risk traffic stop.  Guns drawn, keys out the window, proned-out on the ground, whirlybird circling the entire time.

It was all the talk at Monday shift briefing.  He didn't think it was as funny as we did.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Manipulating the System

Posted by: Blue

Two nights ago, I arrested a gentleman who was on charge for beating up his girlfriend.  The girlfriend had returned to stay with him after his release from custody, along with her two young children.

The only way he was released from custody prior to the trial was to agree in front of a judge that he would live at a specific address (with his foster parents), not have any communication whatsoever with the victim, and if he did move, he was to notify the courts of his change of address prior to moving.

The 911 call came in as 2 young girls who were hiding at the neighbours house after their mother's boyfriend had smashed a door in the apartment.

The mother had left the girls in the boyfriend's care.  He was gone when we arrived, with only his roommate left in the house.

The girls were frightened and didn't know where their mother was or how to find her.  After searching for other family members that they could stay with to no avail, we dropped the 8 year old and 12 year old off at Child and Family Services.

Mom phoned 911 drunk and hysterical, suddenly worried about  her children's safety (though she didn't seem concerned about them being in the care of the man who had beat her only a month before).  I told her she could attend to the CFS location to speak with them about her children's well-being.

We swung back to the house and found that our suspect had returned.  He was arrested for Breaching x 2.

He tried every trick in the book to avoid going back to jail.  Yelling, screaming, begging, pleading, arguing, reasoning, faking illness, counter-accusing his "ex" girlfriend, threatening our jobs, telling us his mother had died and that that was why he was doing all these bad things.

He was locked-up to await a hearing scheduled for today.  Maybe the Judge will buy his stories.

Last night, the queue was quiet.  A low-priority domestic was sitting waiting in the line-up.  I clicked on it on the laptop.  The address jumped out at me.  It was originating at the jailhouse.

Our accused was now calling his foster father and telling him how police had attended and not allowed him to get a jacket when he was arrested, dragging him out of his dwelling and leaving the door open for anyone to walk in and steal.  Apparently his "ex" girlfriend had taken his cell phone and jacket.

My partner called the foster father and explained the real reason his son was locked-up and the fact that his son was in fact arrested outside his residence, his apartment was left in the care of his esteemed roommate who was told not to let the "ex" girlfriend back into the house, and that when I noticed our accused had no shoes on, I made an extra effort to retrieve the specific shoes that he requested from the front entrance of his home.  There was no request for a jacket and no reason for one as it was easily room temperature outside. 

There were a lot of questions, but in the end, the foster father sighed, and thanked us for our time.

I think I have a new pet project.  I wonder what angle he will try to work tonight.