Sunday, May 26, 2013

Foot Chase the Sequel

Posted by: Blue

Today we responded to a Domestic where the complainant's ex-boyfriend was running away with their shared child.

We were close by and volunteered, pre-empting off of our held call.  We spotted the suspect almost right away, running across the street carrying a small, scared-looking 3 year old boy.

We shouted at him to put the child down, which he did, but then he took off running right away again.  The mother swooped in and grabbed her child.

It was like a circus watching us chase the guy in circles around the block.

We lost sight of him after one corner.  A passer-by shouted "Pine tree! Pine tree!"

A single pine was in a lawn about a quarter of the way up the block.  I passed by once but didn't see anything.  I doubled back and then I spotted him; peering out from beneath the lowest boughs.

"Police! Stop! Show me your hands! If you run again I'm going to Taser you!"

He jumped up to run.  I hit him with a textbook spread of the probes in the centre of his lower back, dropping him in his tracks.  I didn't give him the full 5 second ride.  He was locked-up and shouting "OK! OK! OK!".  I switched it off after 2 or 3 seconds and he was ready to comply.

I found out later that it was the third time he had been Tasered.  He had only been out of jail for a couple of weeks and was on two Probation Orders for separate Assaults on the same woman.

I scraped up my right knee bailing on a corner with loose gravel again and ripped my pants.  The Sergeant granted me a no-charge slip.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Foot Chase

Posted by: Blue

Yesterday evening, during a foot pursuit of a wanted male, I bailed going over a fence when it suddenly opened and I realized mid-air that it was actually a gate which had been left ajar.

I was subsequently almost bitten by 4 dogs in two different yards.

JT lost his cuffs from his worn-out issued pouch.

I have a raspberry on my face above my right eye, which matches the other two on my left forearm and left knee.

We lost the male and couldn't find him again even with K9.

I was grumpy and feeling defeated when I got home because we had been watching for him for months.

My wife set me right with a cold beer and home-made pizza right out of the oven when I got home.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Child Welfare

Posted by: Blue

Last night we picked up 2 "missing" persons A.K.A. runaways.

The first was a chronic child (10 y/o) runaway.  He leaves his foster shelter every few days and walks to his birth mom's house, often in bare feet and not dressed for the weather.

Due to the chronic nature of his running and the fact that his "caregivers" keep allowing this small boy to be put in danger by allowing him to walk right out the door (this past time, he reports that the worker said "go ahead! run off!"), he was brought back to the central after-hours shellter.  We told the worker that alternative locations would be required to be found.  Then he had this following conversation with the boy:

Worker: "So we're going to bring you back to that house OK?  There's no other place for you to be."

Boy: "OK."

Worker: "Are you going to stay there?"

Boy: "I'm going to go to sleep tonight and then run away again tomorrow."

Worker: "Well you shouldn't do that."

Boy: "I will!  I want to see my mom!"

Worker: "Well I think we should have a talk about that."

Boy: "I'm going to keep running away.  You can't put your hands on me to stop me."

Worker: "I'd like it if you just promised to stay so I don't have to."

Boy: "I'm going to run away whenever I want."

Me: "And this is why he needs a different placement where they are not afraid to take care of him properly and prevent him from running."

Worker: "I'll keep him here for a few hours until he's ready for bed and then bring him back there."

Me: "But he is just going to run again."

Worker: "I think he understands he can't be doing that."

Me: "Are you kidding me?  It's abundantly clear that he does NOT understand that nor does he care to try.  This boy needs to be somewhere safe and it is your job to put him there."

Worker: "There is nowhere for him to go other than that house."

Me: "Alright.  I have no authority to do any differently.  My report is going to reflect your neglect and the neglect of the staff at that house to care for this child."

Worker: "Fair enough."

Me: "Maybe for you.  Not for him."

Friday, May 10, 2013


Posted by: Blue

Two nights ago, after a short foot pursuit, my partner and I caught two suspects from a knife-point car-jacking where the victim was stabbed but not critically injured.

We had held a point while K9 tracked them earlier in the evening, but the scent was lost in all the downtown foot traffic.

We found them when one of the guys was reported for attempting to break into his girlfriends house.

Detectives took it over and we got some OT while we briefed them.