Friday, July 27, 2012

Magnetic Personalities

Posted by: Blue

My partner and I are both classified as Shit-Magnets on our shift (Definition courtesy of Raindog).

We find: fires, drunks, warrants, fights, assaults, missing persons who we are not assigned to look for, drugs, weapons, break & enters in progress, drivers without licenses, unregistered vehicles and anything else you could care to name.  Sometimes Often all at once.

It is to the point where if I am driving and say "Hey, look at this...", my partner will intentionally look the exact opposite direction and say "Where!? I don't see a thing! You'd better keep driving!"  I of course reciprocate when the tables turn.

But we always cave, turn off the blinders, and pinch the dum-dum.

He says I care too much about doing a good job, and tells me "That's why you're gonna be a good cop.  You'll be a good cop, but I'll be a happy cop."

He doesn't like to admit that he cares just as much.


  1. Over time I've learned it would have been better to be a happy cop than a good cop. But I don't think we get a choice in that.

  2. The real issue is the cops who are both miserable, and do a terrible job. Never fun to have on the shift. We are currently staffed with a winning crew.
    I've heard it said many a time by senior officers that the two biggest things that can determine your quality of work day are:
    1. Your partner
    2. Your Sergeants (we don't have LT's in our ranks)
    I have a great one of each.

    @ LT: I am determined to be happy to do a good job. If I am reading you accurately, I imagine you are the same.

    1. Yes, I'm driven to perform and I am also happy, but sometimes I wish I were the personality that would have had fun remaining a patrol officer for a career. I think they get to have the most fun :)


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