Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just a Glimpse

Yesterday Blue got a glimpse into what his next year will be like as an academy recruit. He went to the recruit building for his sign-in and then to the academy for his orientation. Before he left in the morning he was so excited (and slightly nervous) he couldn't sit still. Pacing around the kitchen table he kept looking over his list making sure he had everything he needed.

I was looking forward to all of the material we'd be receiving; pamphlets, books, binders, sheets, all filled with juicy tid-bits for my information-hungry mind to eat-up. Anything that helps me to understand this new life my husband is entering into is a good thing. Anything that will help me support him better is a good thing.

Yesterday was also the day that I received a few books I'd ordered on-line (my first ever on-line book order!). John Rambo's Wife pointed me in the direction of, I Love a Cop: What Police Families Need to Know by Ellen Kirschman. I've already dug into the first couple of chapters and although there is a lot of information that doesn't apply to us right now I'm sure it will be good to read and file away for later.

It was good for us to have this little glimpse before we jump all the way into the police world. After dinner last night Blue and I sat on the couch all cuddled-up, he was perusing one of his many academy binders and I was sitting with my laptop doing what I do. I'm sure that will become our regular view for the next nine months.

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  1. Thanks for the link. I hope the book is a good resource. I lent it out to one of my other cop wife friends and I'm looking forward to rereading sections. I'm a big fan of reading books like that and then gleaning what information applies to you at the time, being mindful of things that may apply in the future but not fretting about anything. :) I'm so excited for Blue to start his training!


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