Friday, October 28, 2011


Posted by: Blue

Two shifts ago, my partner and I took a statement from a homeowner on a Break and Enter that had occurred while he was at work.

Total cost of the stolen items was close to $10,000.  The thieves took a white canvas bag with red lettering on the side from the house to carry the merchandise out.

Today, while on course, I ran into a detective from our division.  He and his partner nabbed one of the culprits the next day.  He was carrying a white canvas bag with red lettering and the detective recognized it from my report.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Posted by: Blue

Last night, a call came in about several youths damaging a building downtown with spray paint.

The assigned unit came over the radio stating that a bank at the corner of the two busiest streets in the city had been damaged to the tune of "WE ARE THE 99%".

Ironically, it was unknown who "WE" was.  Perhaps the numerous cameras in the area will be able to shed some light.

Friday, October 21, 2011

All Smiles

Today is a good day. Nay, a great day.

The Boy doesn't have school today, so I got to sleep in. Which, on any normal day, is reason enough for rejoicing. Today would be wonderful if we were to just stop there...but it just keeps getting better folks.

Right now I'm having my morning java and blogging in bed while the kiddies are watching cartoons downstairs. Ah, a quite house and a cup of coffee always make for a good day, but it still keeps going.

After I'm done here I'll be getting the kids and I dressed and fed and then we'll be heading over to our city's convention center, finding a spot (hopefully) with a good view and watching Blue graduate from police academy! I'm so excited. I wish I could post pictures of Blue in his dress tunic. Just imagine something spiffy like Prince William on his wedding day and that'll give you a good idea of what the recruits look like. Very sharp.

Afterwards, the kids will be going to their aunties for the night so Blue and I can go and enjoy his grad dinner with friends and family. An evening out all dressed-up with an awesome reason to celebrate with loved doesn't get much better than that!

See, I told you today is great day!

(now I'm just praying that the 50 recruits will be able to stand at attention for 2+ hours without anyone falling over!)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Blue just found out today that he won't be having to go to station duty right after academy (like some of his other classmates)! He is posted to a division that specifically requested him! That means that he could be there for the next 5 years (which is an odd thought for us since we've bounced around so much for the past 5 years). He's overjoyed knowing that he'll be back in his patrol car cruising the streets in a week and a half.

So proud of my officer.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lovers' Quarrel

Posted by: Blue

The other day, on the last shift of my tour, we were dispatched to check the well-being of a female at an address of a 911 hang-up at a rooming house.

Enroute, my partner ran the address.  Over a dozen domestics in the last month.  A few different people mentioned.  Sometimes the female was the complainant, sometimes the male.  These were "frequent fliers".

We arrived, and proceeded to bang loudly on the door.  No answer.  Jefferson Airplane could be heard playing loudly on the other side of the door and the light shone through the bottom of the door.

We went back to the cruiser and messaged our Sgt. on the computer, asking permission to force entry into the apartment.

The Sgt. read the comments and a few minutes later messaged us back: "k.  you have permission to force entry to check the well-being".

I grabbed the pry bar from the trunk, though I wasn't sure I would need much muscle; the door appeared to have been breached countless times in the past, and it bore the scars of previous efforts.

We knocked one more time with no response and then my partner gave me the nod.  The door popped open like a wet cardboard box.  We peered in.  I couldn't see much from my angle, but I did see my partner roll his eyes and shake his head.

We walked in.  The lovers were sleeping on the couch with their heads each on opposite armrests.  She was naked (or at least topless, I didn't investigate below the sheets).  He was sleeping with a contented smile in sweats and a t-shirt.  It was clear whatever "distress" was originally present was now passed.

I glanced into the kitchen and found the stove burner glowing red-hot with two hot-knives sitting on the cooktop.  The handles were wrapped in duct tape to prevent burns.  Safety first I guess...

The couple was woken with some effort and sluggishly explained that they had been arguing about music.

We asked the female if the male was okay to stay there.  She said "Yeah.  I think he's okay now... nah... you know what... take him outta here."

"Is he on the lease?"


"Does he stay here regularly?"


"Alright, c'mon.  Let's go."

He got up, put on his jeans over his sweats and reluctantly came with us, looking rejected and sad.

We got out to the car and I asked "So you had a fight and then you made up and smoked a little weed together and then had some lovin'?"

"Yeah," he responded with a laugh and a sheepish grin.

"And now she wants the couch to herself hey?"

"I guess so," he replied, a little more forlorn.

"How 'bout we take you somewhere to sleep for a few hours and you can grab your clothes and things in the morning?"

"Yeah.  Thanks a lot guys.  You guys are alright."

We tanked him.  He talked about blues music the whole way there.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Life has been normal. Well, as normal as it can get being married to a cop.

We've adjusted to shift work well, gotten used to The Boy being gone to school all day and are finding ways I can get out more while Blue is on shift.

Part of me wants to have crazy stuff happening so I could pump a few more posts out, but it's been quiet. Which is good.

Blue is enjoying his job. I'm enjoying having him around more. The kids are enjoying happier parents.

In one week he'll be finishing up his last shift and then heading back to Academy for two weeks to prepare for his graduation. We're all excited to see him marching around in his dress uniform.

He's done so well during his field training. I know he wouldn't in a million years come on here and write this, but I would...he's an awesome cop! Everyone likes him and he's already had a few requests sent in for him to join a specific division. He's found his niche and he loves it.

I'm so proud of him, I'm sure I'll be a blubbering idiot at his grad.