Monday, January 31, 2011

Cops and Robbers

Waffle set-up a coffee shop in our living room yesterday. She even had a drive-thru window for those of us who were too rushed from cleaning the house to sit down and have coffee and a doughnut. She was taking orders, filling said orders, taking money and giving change like a pro. She was excited to be serving everyone a cup of coffee but made the mistake of putting all of her play money right by the drive-thru window.

The Boy pulled-up in his pretend car to order a cup of coffee. Waffle turned her back and the money was scooped-up and quickly carried away in greedy little 5-year-old hands.

Well, 'Coffee Shop' soon turned into a game of 'Cops and Robbers' since Blue was sitting on the couch watching all of this unfold. He jumped up and chased The Boy all over the house. Obviously The Boy was tackled to the ground, read his rights and carried off to jail (beaming and giggling the whole time). The money was returned to Waffle and she carried on serving tasty treats.

Can you guess what The Boy's favorite game is now?


  1. LOL thats too cute, sounds like a fun day

  2. The cuffs are sitting in his locker at academy right now...but if they'd been at home....haha.


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