Saturday, June 18, 2011

All Smiles

We were all smiles around the dinner table last night.

Seconds after walking through the door Blue had his shinny new badge out, showing it off to the kids and I. He had just finished meeting his Field Training Officer and his Sargent, packing-up his Academy locker and unpacking everything into his district locker.

Blue wrote his final test on Monday (he got a great mark, btw)  and ran the PO-PAT on Wednesday (shaved a bunch off of his original time too). On Thursday he was issued his 'piece' and on Friday he was given his review from his platoon Sargent (a glowing review I might add).

Blue was pounding his fist on the table in emphasis over how excited he is about a number of things and Waffle was pounding hers right along with him (although I'm sure she had no idea what he was talking about). The Boy wanted to sit beside him at dinner because, in his words, "Daddy's a cop...he's cool", and I eagerly ate-up every little bit of info he shared about the division he was placed in.

I know that there are hard, tired days up ahead and a very sharp learning curve looming over our heads but it's nice to feel this excited and optimistic about Blue's job. It's nice that he finished that portion of Academy at the top of his game. It's also nice that other's seem to see how well suited he is for this work. I'll let him blog more about it later since I don't want to steal all of his thunder...but I'm just so dang proud of that guy!


  1. Congratulations!!! The feeling you get when you accomplish something is one I wish we could bottle and "save for a rainy day".

  2. Congrats!!! So exciting, I can feel it jumping off the page! Wishing you all the best for this upcoming journey :)

  3. There's no better feeling for a man than to know his peeps are proud of him. Good to hear he has a great support system.


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