Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Safe and Sound

The light began to peek through the curtains by the time Blue crawled into bed. I hadn't noticed that he had worked through the whole night. I must have been really tired.

I rolled over and turned to see him.

"Everything okay?" I croaked.

"Ya, just waiting at the hospital with someone" he mumbled back.

"Love you." He slid his hand in mine.

"Love you too."

We were both asleep within seconds.

I don't really care what time he gets home from this job, as long as he gets home safe and sound.


  1. I love the set-up of your blog...and this is a great post. I'm a game warden and my husband is my cover. You said it simply enough-I hope to make it home to him and my two little ones every night. Thanks for writing about this. I'll add this site as a link on my blog.


  2. Ditto Mrs. Fuzz. Any night is a good night when you feel the bed shift with the weight of your cop as he rolls into bed.


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