Monday, July 30, 2012

Don't Even Think It

Posted by: Blue

Further to "Magnetic Personalities"...

We have a rule in our car: if you don't want it to happen, don't say it.

It's akin to the "knock on wood" rule.  It seems as though if an idea is said aloud, the universe will bring it into fruition.

Whatever we talk about in the car, tends to happen.  If one of us needs to get out on time and says "don't get stuck on a last minute domestic arrest", dollars to donuts we get an arrest 45 minutes before quitting time.

We have taken to jokingly knocking on the wooden shotgun stock which sits between the front seats of the cruiser every time something like that gets said.

Three days ago, I had been cleaning out some old papers and receipts from my wallet when I came across a business card for Canadian Border Services.  We had been at a seminar about immigration warrants and deportation protocol.  I clearly remember thinking "I'll probably never use this number.  I should just toss this card to get some more room..."

The next evening, on the way home to the barn, a cyclist crossing the street slammed into the centre median which he hadn't seen due to his level of intoxication.  He vaulted over the handlebars, but didn't let go of the bike.  He ended up in a tangled mess of flesh and steel on the road directly in front of our cruiser which I was slamming to a halt.  He almost literally dropped from the sky into our laps.

We radioed it in.  He was none the worse for wear, apart from a few sore limbs.

As we ran him, his name returned on a DNA warrant and an immigration warrant.  I looked at my partner and just started laughing.  I guess we can't even think things without them happening.

Turns out the warrant was not for him, but for another male from Quebec with exactly the same name and a very close DOB.

It was, however, his DNA warrant, so we pinched him and brought him in for processing.

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