Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The kids and I (and Baby Blue) are heading out to a cabin at a beach in a week and a half. Blue will join us a few days later, after he finishes-up a night shift. We will have four days of rest and relaxation.

The place we are heading to is lovely. You aren't allowed to bring cars into the area, so everyone walks or bikes, creating a slower pace of life. Families actually spend time together. There is a worn gravel path to a quiet sunny beach for morning dips and a  bed on the porch for lazy afternoon naps.

A bakery is at the heart of the little summer community, they have the worlds best Imperial cookies and White Irish bread and as you draw near you can smell the sweet aromas drifting through the woods. Across the way is a greasy diner serving-up your standard 50's meal.

It's almost as though you enter a time-warp when you visit that corner of our province.

I can't wait.


  1. That sounds amazing! Enjoy your time as a family.

  2. After spending two weeks in a beach house in a small hamlet, I wish you many happy walks, shared meals, and small adventures.


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