Sunday, January 12, 2014

On the Wrong Track

Posted by: Blue

Yesterday, a lady drove the family van 100 yards down the train tracks, believing she was in a back lane.

Somehow I managed to refrain from laughing as I gathered the story upon our arrival.  

Her husband took the sight remarkably well, though he couldn't completely hide the look of disbelief when he walked over from the nearest railway crossing.

He was a bus driver, so I think he had seen a similar range of interesting things happen on the roads as we had.


  1. Wow, your restraint is better than mine.

    My wife's WWII vet grandfather stopped driving several years ago after he drove 3 miles on a closed new section of the Interstate. He couldn't believe his luck at how little traffic was on the roadway.

  2. I would imagine that it would be a very difficult thing for someone who has lived almost a century to begin to be told that they can no longer do things.

    In this case, I think that my driver was sufficiently embarrassed without having the police officer who showed up to help her laugh in her face (though it was extremely difficult not to).

    Sometimes though, I just can't help my disbelief and it gets the better of me either in frustration or in laughter.


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