Friday, October 21, 2011

All Smiles

Today is a good day. Nay, a great day.

The Boy doesn't have school today, so I got to sleep in. Which, on any normal day, is reason enough for rejoicing. Today would be wonderful if we were to just stop there...but it just keeps getting better folks.

Right now I'm having my morning java and blogging in bed while the kiddies are watching cartoons downstairs. Ah, a quite house and a cup of coffee always make for a good day, but it still keeps going.

After I'm done here I'll be getting the kids and I dressed and fed and then we'll be heading over to our city's convention center, finding a spot (hopefully) with a good view and watching Blue graduate from police academy! I'm so excited. I wish I could post pictures of Blue in his dress tunic. Just imagine something spiffy like Prince William on his wedding day and that'll give you a good idea of what the recruits look like. Very sharp.

Afterwards, the kids will be going to their aunties for the night so Blue and I can go and enjoy his grad dinner with friends and family. An evening out all dressed-up with an awesome reason to celebrate with loved doesn't get much better than that!

See, I told you today is great day!

(now I'm just praying that the 50 recruits will be able to stand at attention for 2+ hours without anyone falling over!)

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  1. Congrats to Blue! We wish you all the best from NYC!
    SCW Stella and Roc


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