Friday, October 28, 2011


Posted by: Blue

Two shifts ago, my partner and I took a statement from a homeowner on a Break and Enter that had occurred while he was at work.

Total cost of the stolen items was close to $10,000.  The thieves took a white canvas bag with red lettering on the side from the house to carry the merchandise out.

Today, while on course, I ran into a detective from our division.  He and his partner nabbed one of the culprits the next day.  He was carrying a white canvas bag with red lettering and the detective recognized it from my report.



  1. Don't you love when it's that easy? Helps to keep the unsolved ones less depressing.

  2. I do love it. Hopefully the courts decide that there is enough there for a conviction.

    The same lad has already got a pending charge for breaking into the same gentleman's garage earlier this year. Thanks to our revolving door justice system though, he has been free to roam the streets since shortly after his last arrest.


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