Sunday, October 2, 2011


Life has been normal. Well, as normal as it can get being married to a cop.

We've adjusted to shift work well, gotten used to The Boy being gone to school all day and are finding ways I can get out more while Blue is on shift.

Part of me wants to have crazy stuff happening so I could pump a few more posts out, but it's been quiet. Which is good.

Blue is enjoying his job. I'm enjoying having him around more. The kids are enjoying happier parents.

In one week he'll be finishing up his last shift and then heading back to Academy for two weeks to prepare for his graduation. We're all excited to see him marching around in his dress uniform.

He's done so well during his field training. I know he wouldn't in a million years come on here and write this, but I would...he's an awesome cop! Everyone likes him and he's already had a few requests sent in for him to join a specific division. He's found his niche and he loves it.

I'm so proud of him, I'm sure I'll be a blubbering idiot at his grad.


  1. :) Way to go Blue! And normal is just fine. Keep posting the normal. I like reading it. :)

  2. You will be a blubbering idiot, I promise. Just re-enacting his graduation for my show has made me start crying all over again...and this was years ago now...enjoy's classified as a "Big Day" in the life!
    :) SCW Stella


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