Friday, January 7, 2011

It's Gonna be Crazy

It's been a long year. Over a year actually. Yup, that's how long this journey into Academy has been. It was Blue's first try and he beat-out 550 other applicants, but it still felt like a long time. If I actually stop to think about it, there are people who try time and time again. Some make it on their 2nd or 3rd go and then again, some never make it. We are lucky.

But this is crazy. Never in a million years did I think that I would be a police officers wife. I had though about being a police officer once or twice back in the day.  There's somewhat of a thrill that rushes through me when I think about being on the streets, fighting for the greater good, but it was always just a fleeting thought.  Unlike my fickle mind Blue had thought about being a Copper since he was young. He loves police 'things'...Lego to be more exact. He often considered going into Law Enforcement but then we graduated and he chose follow in his grandfather's footsteps to be a carpenter . Then life happened, we had a family to care for and the timing was never right. Besides, you don't actually know what you want out of life until you've traveled through the better part of your twenties. Each time we had a job change (which is fairly frequent when your at the bottom of your trade) he would consider it and then one day all the stars aligned and he finally went for it. Now he's in and we're on our way to a totally different life.

The Boy is probably the most excited out of everyone. You can tell his little 5 year old brain has formulated a completely romanticized picture of how our lives are going to change.
"Daddy, when you're a cop and I ask you to drive me to school...maybe you'll say yes and take me to school in your police car?"
When I got the good news that Blue received the phone call we'd been waiting for I jumped up and down with joy (in an elementary school hallway) and The Boy was right there beside me, arms pumping the air shouting, "YAY!"  It's as though his dad went from 'cool' to 'WOW' in his eyes. After all, what little boy doesn't want to be a police officer? I think that is one of the reasons a lot of men don't like the police. It's the 'glory' job. It's the job they fantasized about while growing up and never saw realized. Boys want to be Knights fighting for their kingdom, Cowboys cleaning up the Wild West, Cops chasing Robbers. It's what's in every boys heart. 

Blue already has his badge number. He goes in for his 'outfitting' in two weeks. It's all coming up so fast. A year can change so many things and, in retrospect, it flies by. Next year at this time our 'normal' will be something completely different than anything I know right now. I probably won't have Blue around for Christmas. I probably wont have Blue around for New Years. We wont sleep together every night. There will be times the kids go days without seeing their daddy. It's hard to fathom what it will feel like because I just don't know. What I do know is that I need an extra helping of patience going into this year, it's gonna be crazy.


  1. I gaurantee it's gonna be crazy. But welcome to the family.

  2. Hi CB, I just started following your blog (I'm a new police wife myself!) and came back to read your first post. I feel like I could have written the last paragraph of this post myself! Thank you for blogging!


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