Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 2

Posted by: Blue

After cutting the lock off my locker with a set of bolt cutters generously provided by one of the Use of Force instructors (apparently The service buys better, harder-to-pick pad locks than I do), I changed into uniform, informed our class supervisor of my shortcomings, and received my punishment: a short presentation on the necessary conditions to release a person from custody. Not a bad assignment.  Plus, the new lock I got has a combination.  Not a key.

First inspection and drill today. It was fun. Didn't take long to teach us rookies the basics of standing "at attention", "at ease", and "easy".

Tomorrow morning is voluntary "caveman" workout with the Use of Force instructors.  Sounds like fun.


  1. What's "easy"?
    (I'm a former Marine, so translate militarily please)


  2. In our police force, "attention" is hands down at sides, heels together with toes at 30 degree angle to one another. "At ease" is feet planted straight, shoulder-width apart with one hand within the other behind the back. Standing "easy" is feet planted shoulder-width apart, but able to move hands and arms and turn head. Generally speaking, I'm pretty sure the police forces aren't nearly as rigid as you marines with our drilling.

  3. aha... attention, parade rest and at ease. Deciphered!

    Just asked the husband - his department is small enough (110 or so sworn) and laid-back enough that he can't remember ever having a formation in 15 years. :)

    HAVE FUN!!!!


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