Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Well Hello There Officer...

I had to stop by the Academy yesterday to drop something off for Blue. I walked down the stairs just as he was coming out of the gym, in his uniform. He gave me a big smile.


There were some other officers hanging around so I was trying to keep my face to a decent colour. I'm sure you can all guess what the 'problem' is, but for those of you who need it spelt-out a little bit better, here it is.

Blue looks damn fine in his uniform. And I mean fine.

I get to see him again tonight at Academy. There is another Family Night (sans kids) and this time they are dealing with how best to support your officer. I'm really looking forward to the evening. I mean really. Really.

What is it about the uniform that's Do you other police wives swoon at the sight and jump at the opportunity to see your men looking all dapper in their work wear? Or is it just that this is such  a new thing for me?


  1. I leap at the opportunity to get to see him in uniform. He always changes at work so it's extremely rare to catch a glimpse of that uniform, which makes me weak at the knees. I don't think it'll ever get old.

  2. They do look very handsome in their uniform. Like TM my fiance dresses at work so I never see him in it or very very rarely. I think its so great that your husband's academy runs family nights that give some insight and advice.

  3. Not in uniform that much, but it's been a long time. His SWAT gear.... O.M.G. ... I seriously feel almost light-headed when I see him, and we've been married going on 26 years, although he's only been a cop 16-ish years. Marine aviation before that. I am a very, very lucky woman.


  4. I hear ya girl! Every time he comes around the corner dressed out, ready to go to his shift I get butterflies in my stomach... I truly don't know what it is about a man in uniform. But aren't we lucky? :)

  5. I think my wife lost interest in my uniform the first time she caught a whiff of my vest after I spent a shift in the Georgia summer sun directing traffic. Its been all downhill from there. :)

    (But she stuck with me, and I consider myself the luckiest man alive!)

  6. JR dresses at home. The uniform seems normal now. I still love it even though it is normal. I still like seeing him in his dress uniform. I love hearing him talk on the radio. ;)

  7. Just after RD (my officer) got hired, I started working at a precinct as a civilian.  I got to see a lot of officers in uniform, and I think after you see enough of them come in after "involved" calls, the uniform gets a little tinged. When you've seen officers come in from calls covered in blood, dirt, feces, or other grime, and then you see the guys they've arrested.. the ones who have smeared themselves in effluvia and bring a zoo of creatures with them in their hair and clothes...  ya.  The uniform as an object begins to loose its appeal.  As an added insult, our bureau hasn't had new uniforms for years. A cop in a worn, stained, hole-y set of polyester blues isn't particularly hot.

Even after all of that, I do sometimes dream about his dress jacket.... that's hot.  And since he's only worn it two or three times, it's pristine.

  8. Ha Ha! I remember the first time I saw HF dressed in his class A's for the graduation. I was coming down the stairs and he was standing at the bottom waiting for me to bring him something and I almost fell down the stairs. It was stunning. And he knew it. I did not expect to be knocked flat like that. Everytime I see him in uniform it is thrilling. Doesn't get old. But I have to agree with Richard about the vest. Once he got on the job, any ideas I had about helping him undress or what not went out the window. That vest is STINKY!!! I don't know what to do about that. There's gotta be someway to get that thing not to smell so bad. :)


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