Thursday, February 24, 2011


Posted by: Blue

Today, after handing my Primary Officer a Special Report for the Chief, I headed back down the hall and up the stairs to rejoin the class in the computer lab.  As I left, I heard my Sergeant call me back.  I jumped back down the stairs.

My Sergeant wanted to mention that last week during a Problem Based Learning exercise (PBL), he had taken an exceptional notice to my leadership and grasp of the material.  He said he was impressed and that I should keep-up the good work.  I thanked him for his encouragement and again dismissed myself.

I haven't stopped grinning since I turned about-face.  Encouragement is a real motivator.


  1. He's just tenderizing ya before he chews your ass. ;) Not that you're really gonna do anything wrong - you don't have to, he'll find the right thing you do and adjust accordingly. :)

    Enjoy the fun and games and congrats on the atta-boy!

  2. Good for him to a) notice and b) tell you.

    And good for you.

  3. Wow. Way to go Blue! :) Finally someone is seeing all the potential, talent and skills you possess. That's been a long time coming hey? Good work!

  4. Congrats! It's always nice to hear an encouraging word from the boss!


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