Saturday, September 28, 2013

Time Off with Blue

Blue just started a stretch of holidays. We thought this would be a good time for him to take a few weeks off since summer books up fast and he and I can have some down time while the kids are in school. Turns out, he's got a whole bunch of side jobs that have come up and more work needs to be done on our house ( it's never-ending actually).

Side jobs are good for us. They keep us afloat and pay for all the little extras.

We are taking two holidays, so that makes up for the craziness of the holidays at home. We are taking the kids on a little road trip for a few days and (drum roll please) Blue surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas for my 30th and our 9th anniversary!! I'm so happy to be getting away just the two of us without any children. We've never done a holiday like this before. Both of us are quite excited!

For those of you who have been, do you have any tips or places to visit for us first timers?

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  1. Do not miss seeing La Reve at the Wynn. It's the best show I've ever seen. My sheriff husband and I went last May and it was expensive but we got to see it for free since we stayed at The Wynn.


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