Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fisher-Price Police

Posted by: Blue

Last week, JT and I kicked loose a male we were spot-checking to respond to a baby abandoned and locked in a car.

When we pulled up and peered through the tinted window, we saw a child's plastic baby doll, sitting right where the child had dropped it, beside the car seat.

"What exactly did you see?" I asked.

"Some lady parked and got her stroller out of the trunk. Then she rummaged around in the backseat and left, pushing the stroller." Replied the concerned, furrowed-browed complainant.  "Are you going to have to break the window?"

"I don't think that will be necessary today, fortunately." I replied, leaning my head to speak into my shoulder mic. "Delta two-oh-three, this is a doll that's been trapped in the car. Unconscious, not breathing. No ambulance required."

We got back into the cruiser. There was a message from the dispatcher asking if she should send a Fisher-Price ambulance just to be sure.

I told her if she could get the Little People fire dispatch to answer their phone, it wouldn't hurt.

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