Thursday, June 19, 2014

Traffic Court

Posted by: Blue

I had three tickets on the docket today.

Three convictions. Two of note:

1. A guy who drove by us close enough to brush us with his mirror, while we were on a traffic stop and yelled out the window about where we had pulled the person over (she had pulled to the left of the street rather than to the right - not our decision). He received a ticket for failing to pull to the right. The original traffic stop driver received a warning. About three hours later, he was involved in a smash-up with a cabbie, fleeing the scene before exchanging particulars. He pled to both charges. Full fine.

2. In our city, there is a private contractor who runs photo-enforced speed traps in addition to officers running radar. The tickets are given without discretion or bias. I witnessed one run a stop sign at an intersection I was monitoring. When I pulled her over, she asked for a break. I asked if she had given any breaks that day. She said no, so I wrote her a tag. She fought it. The judge convicted. Full fine.

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