Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Princess and the Pee

Posted by: Blue

Our 17 year old arrestee had to wait for about five minutes for a female officer to search her. She remained handcuffed and wasn't permitted to use the washroom until she was searched. She kicked at the door for three minutes and then intentionally pissed herself, then rolled around and dragged her hair through the puddle, soaking her clothing and head. 

She ended up in a spit sock and RIPP hobble restraints after spitting at us when we walked through the cell door.  While we dragged her off to jail as an intoxicated and violent direct lock-up, she left a soggy trail of urine from the cell all the way to the cruiser car. 

At the hospital (a mandatory stop for all intoxicated youths), she asked the doctor to check if she was pregnant. She was not. 

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