Sunday, November 4, 2012


At the breakfast table today:

CB: Can we do a #2 and a #4 this time? I feel like I kinda botched the last cut with the #1 and #3.

Blue: kinda did.

Blue has been asking me for a haircut for a few days now. Between him asking at inopportune times (don't ask a ready-to-pop pregnant lady to get-up and cut hair right after she's snuggled-up in bed for an afternoon's not happening!) and me putting it off for fear of messing it up it just hadn't happened.

I always cut Blue's hair. I've done it for quite awhile, but since becoming a cop he is very particular about how his hair is. Last time he decided to go a bit shorter than normal and, well, the shorter the hair the more noticeable the mistakes.

He showed-up to work and was made fun of for his totally goofy hair. Don't worry, I ended-up fixing it.

I normally get a bit nervous cutting his hair because the man is slightly OCD. Now I'm even more nervous because he'll head into the station and potentially be laughed at (all in good fun, of course). However, he agreed to switch back to the #2 and #4 which has calmed my nerves. It looks much better, but that's just my opinion.

Do any of you other police wives cut your officers hair?


  1. Mine has cut his own hair (!) since he was a Marine. He learned in 1987 and still does to this day, albeit a little longer.

    I don"t worry if it's wrong, as it would be his fault. ;)

  2. Mine has me cut his hair now that he's grown it out to a whole half inch. I hate it too. I try to procrastinate too because I don't want to screw it up either!

  3. Only once! He always cuts his own hair, but I really wanted to and he agreed. It was a few weeks before his graduation from the academy and I was so excited. I had always cut my dads hair (mind you, he only used 1 guard for his whole head), so I knew this would be a cinch. Over the buzz of the clippers, I thought Officer said the word "do", not "don't", in regards to using the around the ear guards. His hair was long like a #3-#4, the ear trimmer goes from like a #1-#2. Whoops! - now, that was a goofy haircut! (: Luckily, he was able to salvage it before the graduation. Needless to say, I'm off hair cutting duties.

  4. JR shaves his own head. I like him bald. ;)

    I helped him Bic it once when we were engaged. At that time he wasn't sporting the completely bald look but really short buzzed hair. We made the mistake of not shaving it really really short before we took the razor to it.

    I.T. T.O.O.K F.O.R.E.V.E.R!!!!

    Now he just generally keeps it short himself.

    He has been threatening to grow out all kinds of hair while on parental leave. I'm against this idea. Firmly.


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