Monday, June 6, 2011

Highs and Lows

(This post is inspired by John Rambo's Wife's most recent post just to give a bit of a random update since it's been so quiet around here.)

A number of years ago I lived in a house with a bunch of other girls (who, before moving in, were complete strangers to me). The house was very plain, nothing fancy. Whenever I'm asked to think back to my favorite place in the world I always think about the back porch that was attached to the kitchen of 81 Livingstone. It was our dining room. We had a huge table that sat on the covered porch and we ate all of our meals at it. Each night we all gathered around the table and talked over dinner about our days, the highs and the lows. It didn't hurt that our neighbour's daughter would choose that hour to practise her incredible opera singing. It also didn't hurt that the house was in tropical Australia.

Highs and Lows became kind-of a game for us each night. We would share our stories, however personal or deep or funny or embarrassing they were. With each story we grew closer and closer to each other and after a few months we felt like a family.

(All of that was just a back story for why I'm calling it "Highs and Lows") So today I'll share a high and a low with you but I'll let you guess which is which.

Blue got his schedule and his first shift is less than two weeks away.

Blue and I were on our way out to a wedding a few days ago when the transmission in our truck blew.

There. Highs and Lows. Feel free to share yours.


  1. Today's Low - Remembering that I had committed to a 3k training program, the same day my sciatica acted up (gawd I sound old!)

    Today's High - you guys. this post. I know I'm a pain in the *ss a lot of times with the "wise old cop's wife" thing, but everytime I read ya'lls posts I'm reminded how lucky I feel that ya'll let me stay.

    Much peace,

  2. I love High/Low! I always do this at the end of a vacation with whoever I am with.

    Today my high...really feeling like I knew what I was doing in clinical

    My low...being at clinical for 12 hours! (My feet are killing me)

    Great idea!!!

  3. I really love your posts too. And I think its great that Blue posts. It has been fun to read about your journey and be reminded of the emotions CA Cop and I were experiencing just a short time ago. :) I look forward to hearing about him on the job.


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