Wednesday, March 2, 2011

There's a First for Everything

Some firsts that have been noteworthy (for me, at least):
  1. First load of my policeman's uniform washed and dried.
  2. First test done and out of the way - Criminal Code 24/7 for the past week and it's only just the beginning.
  3. First time I woke-up to Blue's dreams being affected by his police work (I suppose I should say 'learning')...he was yelling-out drills in his sleep last night.


  1. And there is a reason I am happy T-rex does not talk, move, or do anything other than breath a lot in his sleep. I would freak out!

    The firsts can soon become normal. I think it is great you wrote them down.

  2. Oh washing uniforms...I loathe that.

    Yelling out drills in his sleep - now that made me laugh out loud. Too funny.

    I sometimes wake up to JR talking to dispatch in his sleep. THe night talking just gets funnier as you go along.

  3. And it isn't uncommon for Blue to talk in his sleep. When we were first married I remember waking-up one night to him rallying troups (Braveheart style) in a Scottish accent! It was sooo funny. I'm sure were are going to have an interesting time with the 'police' night talking.


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