Friday, March 25, 2011

Dear Blue

Dear Blue,

I was stopped at a red light the other night at a busy intersection while driving home. The radio was blaring to keep my sleepy eyes open but I wasn't tuned in. My mind was wandering to other things when I heard the sirens and, soon after, saw the lights. A cruiser was going code down a busy street. It was gone within seconds leaving me still waiting for the green but a smile crept up onto my face. I pictured you in the car, patrolling the night, keeping your city safe. Pride swelled in my heart for what you are undertaking, what you are becoming; an unsung hero. You will be punched, yelled at, spat on, and called horrid names. You will run to what others will be running from. You will see this city at it's worst, the shame and the depravity, but you will keep on going, day after day, with little praise and accolades. You understand the challenge of leading this life, the toll it can take, but you've decided to walk it with your head held high doing the best damn job that you can.

My train of thought was broken by some horrid noises coming out of the radio, Ke$ha. *shudder* I switched the station. The Tragically Hip were playing which reminded me of you once again and the smile returned. The light turned green and I was off, rushing home to spend time with you.

I sure do love you.



  1. So sweet... I was just heading to bed and this is a beautifully written and sweet sentiment to close my laptop to. Hope that you have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Fitting, considering the Hip wrote a song (Bobcaygeon) about a police officer in love.


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