Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day

I wish it was green outside today. It would be more fitting. The Boy rolled out of bed and hardly had a second to open up his eyes before he was already getting out the green construction paper.

The snow is coming down hard and fast, falling atop the already massive piles of snow in my front yard. Sigh. Spring, where are you?

Regardless of the winter weather we are still having, the inside of our house is all St. Patrick's Day. Shamrock crafts - check. Irish Stew - Check. Guinness cooling in the fridge - Check. Everyone wearing green - Check. Mumford and Sons blasting on the stereo - Double Check! Irish Soda Bread - Almost check.

I'm trying to get the kids to embrace their Irish roots. The Boy has been obsessed with Shamrocks for the past week. I'm Irish/Italian and Blue is British/Scottish. We're a feisty bunch.

I didn't really grow-up celebrating St. Patty's Day but since having kids I've enjoyed starting little traditions or partaking in different holiday's/celebrations/festivals. I think it's important to have family traditions, things for the kids to look forward to. It creates a sense of togetherness and belonging.

Is there anything special you do or are doing today?


  1. A leprechaun turned our milk green this morning. This would always happen when I was a kid too. And we would always have a bowl of Lucky Charms to go with the green milk.

  2. Blue is Irish too. We're actually more Irish than Scottish. I just thought I'd clarify that.

  3. I honestly forgot it was St. Patrick's Day til I saw your FB status CB. So nope, didn't do much of anything. I guess its because we are more of a Dutch/German/French kinda family then an Irish Maybe next year. I'm sure JJ and Tiny Bear would appreciate it. Sounds like you guys had a fun day.


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