Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Second Call

Posted By: Blue

I try not to contradict my wife whenever possible, but I would like to point-out that on Sunday evening, I was actually attending my second call.  My first call was here, and I'm sticking to it.

First call of my first actual shift was a sudden death (SD).  Great way to start out.  Guess it was gonna happen sooner or later.

Dude "expired" on the toilet (how cliche).  He was apparently a bit of a loner.  He called in sick Wednesday and Thursday.  Family didn't find him until Sunday.  The Medical Examiner Investigator thinks he may have actually called in sick for Thursday a day before, because he was pretty far gone. 

We advised the family not to take a look at the body.  He wasn't himself.  My Field Training Officer (FTO) took down all the relevant info while I took everything else in (the sights, the smells... the tastes... He really was decomposed.  It hung in the air.).  I had been worried about my first dead body, but as it turned out, I felt confident and at ease.  We returned to the station and my FTO wrote a lengthy report.

The remainder of the shift was relatively quiet.  We ran a few plates, attended a family disturbance, and a noise complaint.  I wrote a short report on the family disturbance, but the noise complaint was deuced (cleared with no report) with just a few comments on the computer.

And so ended my first shift.  Now I'm on four days off.  I start a six day stretch of day-shift again Friday.  Looking forward to it!

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  1. Its always a surpising feeling when you feel at ease with death, is it not? Its something we should naturally feel uncomfortable with, especially in traumatic surroundings as you encountered it.

    I think your reaction speaks to the peace that lives in you.

    Or you are just weird. Hence, suitably employed ;)


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