Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Call

Posted By: Blue

Today, during a vehicle stopping training exercise, my training partner and I were in our cruiser in a large grocery store parking lot, when we noticed someone waving us over.  Our driving instructor said "Well boys, although you're still in training, you're still cops."  We drove over to the citizen and rolled down our windows.  It was a hit and run.  There was an elderly woman who backed up into him a short time ago, flipped him the bird, and told him to "fuck off".  We parked the cruiser and our instructor got out.  Just then another cruiser that had been dispatched rolled up.  The two officers took over.  We cleared on a deuce (no report), and sluffed the call (left it for another crew).  If we had been on duty, it would have been a terrible way to deal with a call.  Under our circumstances, it couldn't have gone smoother.

Although there was nothing that came of our encounter, and our instructor actually did most of the talking, it sure didn't stop us bragging to our classmates that we were the first crew to respond to an actual live encounter.  We are officially the two most experienced officers in the recruit class.

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