Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bong Squad

Posted by: Blue

This morning, at the tail end of night shift, my paartner and I were dispatched to a call about a suspicious package.

The complainant had found what appeared to be a can or bottle wrapped in plastic shrink wrap with what appeared to be hoses attached.  The plastic wrap made it difficult to determine the exact nature of the package.

Exercising extra caution due to a string of arsons in the past few days in the surrounding area, we called our Sergeant.

The Sergeant called the Duty Inspector.

The Duty Inspector called the Bomb Unit.

We were relieved shortly after the call to the Bomb Unit by a day shift unit, including one of my friends from academy.  We left before the Bomb Unit arrived.

When I woke up before shift this evening, my friend texted me.  The mysterious package had been x-rayed with no suspicious results.  Upon further examination once it was determined to be non-volatile, the package was found to be a home-made bong.

At least the Bomb Unit got a good training run.

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