Monday, August 29, 2011

Dogs for Drunks

Posted by: Blue

Last night at around 5:30 a.m., my partner and I were called to the General Hospital to pick up an intoxicated person and bring them to the tank.

Upon arrival, our subject was gone; he had sobered up while waiting and staff had let him walk.

While we were getting back into the cruiser, I was approached by a large mutt in need of a brushing.  He seemed harmless.  I reached my closed fist out.  He pushed his face into my hand for a pet.

No collar.  No tags.  Couldn't see a tattoo or a chip.  Hospital security told us they had been waiting on animal services all night.

My partner voiced on the radio: "November 105, Can you change our call to an animal call and show us enroute to the "jail" on Centre Street please?  One in custody."  The dispatcher stifled a laugh as she replied: "November 105, copy."

The pooch rode in the backseat quietly with his big ungroomed head poking into the front seat through the small window in our plexiglass shield.  I tried to get him to chew on my partner's epaulettes, but he wasn't listening.

The 24/7 shelter took him in and promised to try to find him a home.

I told my partner we probably got a better deal.  The dog seemed trained and was less likely to soil the backseat than a drunk was.


  1. In my state, the police cannot take intoxicated subjects from a hospital to detox. By law, all hospitals are designated sobering stations. If a person is no longer drunk enough to be in the hospital, they are not drunk enough for detox.

  2. It's similar here, however there is some gray area when the person has not yet actually been admitted to hospital.

  3. I wonder what happened to the dog...
    :) Stella


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