Thursday, December 1, 2011

Missing Daddy

Waffle was missing her daddy today. She asked me what he was up to and if he was fighting with someone. It's funny to see her figure out what his job is all about.

Blue and I both have the same cell phone and on these spiffy phones we can send each other photo's and video's inside our text messages.

Waffle sent Blue a picture of herself and a video saying, "I love you daddy!"

She's trying to understand why he's sometimes here for days at a time and sometimes gone for, what seems like, days at a time. Why some nights he's sleeping here and some nights he doesn't come home.

Last week she had a nightmare at 4:00 in the morning while Blue was on shift. She came upstairs and jumped into my bed shaking and crying. I sent Blue a text letting him know and before you knew it he was on the phone with her reassuring her that everything was fine.

Today he sent her back a picture of him in his uniform and cruiser car. She was very excited.

It's a nice feature that gives her a little glimpse into his world when he's out on the job.

I'm sure that this is a confusing transition for a 4 year-old.

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