Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tommy Solami Part II

Posted by: Blue

Two days after we forced Tommy to see a doctor by promising him we wouldn't arrest his girlfriend that night, I ran her name to see if she was still wanted or if she had turned herself in like she had promised.

She had not.

We went and knocked on her door to try to find her.  Tommy answered.  We asked him where she was.  He said he didn't know.  He let us check the apartment.  We didn't find her there.

Tommy was shirtless.  I noticed he had a poorly done tattoo on his left shoulder: TOMMY SOLAMI.
I pointed it out to my partner.  We had a good laugh at the misspelt sausage variety he had permanently inked on his body.

When we got back to the station, the legend began.  We told our whole shift all about Tommy and Mariah and how we really wanted to arrest her on her warrant after she had lied to us about turning herself in.  The tattoo was brought-up, and Tommy Solami began to be a well-known name in the station.

We even had the nickname added as an alias on our system.

We searched high and low for Mariah the next few weeks.  We never found her, but all the while, Tommy's fame grew, as we continued to brief the Sergeants on the female we were looking for.  The true extent of his infamy will come to light in Part III.

Stay tuned.

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