Monday, October 1, 2012

Tommy Solami Part I

Posted by: Blue

Tommy and Mariah were having a domestic.  A neighbour called it in that Tommy had come to his door looking for help with blood streaming from his neck.

We showed-up on scene and met the couple who were both drunk.  Tommy had a small cut on his neck which he insisted was from falling and cutting himself on a bike wheel.  We managed to get it out of him eventually that he was mad at his girlfriend for saying she felt like killing herself sometimes, so he held a knife to his throat to show her how it felt.

But he was drunk and cut himself by accident.

We called an ambulance.  Tommy didn't want an ambulance.  It was clear from Mariah's behaviour that Tommy was gonna get lucky that night if the cops would just leave them alone to make-up after their argument, but Tommy wouldn't stop bleeding.  Probably because his blood was so thinned-out from the alcohol.

It was a busy night and we hadn't put a rush on the bus, so the ambulance was taking a while.  JT and I played darts in the living room to pass some time.

A little while later, it was clear that Tommy's neck had stopped bleeding and the cut was clotting itself.  Ambulance was still a long ways away.  We cancelled the paramedics and I turned to take Mariah's name for my report.  She gave me a name and I quickly ran it on our information channel.  It came up negative.  No involvement with police whatsoever.  My spidey sense lit up.  She must have a warrant or court-ordered conditions to abstain from alcohol.  We brought her down to the car to try to ID her.

It took a while, but we finally got her real name out of her.  She had a warrant.  It was a cheap one for FTA court.  They were a dime a dozen.  She didn't have a bad record.  Just some silly youth charge.  I was about to arrest her, but then we looked over to Tommy who had come down to the car.  There was a huge puddle of blood at his feet.  He had started gushing again.

We ordered another bus on a rush.  We punted her from the car and told her to turn herself in on her warrant first thing the next day.  Then we took Tommy with the ambulance 'cause he was still refusing treatment.

Tommy ended-up getting stitched back together.  He was complaining to the nurse about us keeping him there.  The nurse told him he would have bled to death if we hadn't.

That was the first time I met Tommy.  Stay tuned for parts II to IV.

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