Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Posted by: Blue

Last night we had an animal call.

He was a big, grumpy German Shepherd.  We were prowling the back lane looking for his owner who has 2 warrants.

The dog had broken free from the chain he has been kept on all winter.  We called animal services.  He didn't seem to like police and would growl and raise his neck hair every time we got close.  I didn't want to impose the jeopardy of having to shoot or Taser him by getting too close and finding out that he liked to bite.

After the City Pound folks managed to snag him, we got a look at his living arrangements.  He had no dog house, no water, very little food and was living right next to a large pile of his own excrement.  He had only a sheet of ice to sleep on.

His owner will be getting a number of tags including one for failing to adequately care for an animal.

We told the pound to call us if our guy showed-up to collect his dog.  We've been trying to hook him for months now.


  1. Our K9 handlers also have equipment for snaring dogs, but I had a strange feeling that if we called our dog man over, he would be tied up and unable to attend to something more important like a robbery or a serious assault.

  2. No wonder he was grumpy, I think I would be too! Sure hope you get the guy, though I strongly suspect he will not try to retrieve the poor dog. Sure hope it's not released back to him if he does show up!


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