Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Transfers

Posted by: Blue

This year, our Spring Transfer season incorporated our district amalgamating with the one to the South of us.

We now use approximately 25% of the police officers in the city to cover a land mass that is almost 50% of the city's sprawl.

In addition, we have lost our beloved Patrol Sergeant and Desk Sergeant to the shift that rotates before us, along with 4 of the Constables (1/2 the shift).

With JT gone on holidays to Hong Kong for two blocks, 5 new faces, 2 new Sergeants and two stations to work between, I think I might be feeling out of place until June or so.

A few saving graces:

  1. Our new Sergeants seem to be great guys
  2. We received one more constable than we lost, bringing our compliment up to minimum... at least for now...
  3. My holiday time bank is about to refill in 7 days
  4. Many of the newbies on the shift are coming out of speciality units with plenty of experience in various areas to share with the rest of us General Patrol humps
  5. The new district covers a number of my favourite eateries in the city, including my all time #1 breakfast spot - a falafel joint owned by a dude from Iran which has the best hash-browns ever
  6. JT and I are officially still partnered and ready to rock the city all year again before he is a mandatory transfer next year - AND... I believe we will be maintaining our epic 203 callsign

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  1. Blue, I would like you to take me to said falafel joint on a breakfast date. ~your wife


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