Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Check Stop

Posted by: Blue

This year for Christmas, I'm T/A'd to traffic for the Check Stop Program. We're hunting out impaired drivers.

Last night we had two ASD passes and a fail, along with quite a number of traffic stops.

The fail was arrested for Drive Impaired and Drive Over 80 mg%. By the time he provided a breath sample on the full sized Breathalyzer, his BAC was down to 70 mg% and 60 mg% for the two tests respectively. He was released with no criminal charges and his license was suspended for 24 hours.

While driving him home, he said "You know? I'm glad that happened. It was a real wake-up call. I know I never want my kids driving drunk. I don't want to set a different example."

I believed him.

He shook my hand and told me "Merry Christmas" when I dropped him off at home.

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