Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Typically Abnormal

Posted by: Blue

A couple weeks ago, we showed-up at a Family Troubles call where the 18 year old son had smashed everything in the house, including breaking the tempered glass storm door with his face.

When we arrived, he was buck naked and swinging from the chandelier (not a figure of speech).

The odd thing about the call, I realized later on, wasn't cuffing him while he was stark naked, nor was it helping him zip-up his pants that I had to put on him.

The strange thing was that I never thought to ask why he was naked in the first place.  It just seemed so normal to me that he had no clothes on; perhaps due to his behaviour and intoxicated state.

I had to type into my report later on "It should be noted that it is unknown at time of reporting exactly why the male was naked upon arrival..."

It was a strange threshold to reach in my career when the nudity of a male that I proned-out at Taser-point was little more than a footnote in the report.

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