Monday, November 10, 2014


Posted by: Blue

I completed the Shotgun Operators' Course Friday, despite high winds, rain and bottomed-out mercury at the outdoor range. I had been trying to get onto the course since spring, but manpower on our shift wouldn't permit it until now.

For the new qualification of SGO, you must successfully utilize tactical "00" buckshot out to 25 yards and rifled slugs out to 50 yards with 100% accuracy.  You must also demonstrate an ability to transition to pistol upon failure of the shotgun, speed-load from behind cover, use the weapon-mounted light while shooting, and properly deploy from the cruiser car.

The slugs are accurate beyond 100 yards, but the iron sights diminish in accuracy at that distance. A scope would be necessary at that range, and a rifled barrel with sabots would increase accuracy as well. The guns are currently zeroed at 50 yards.

The old Remington 870s have been retro-fitted with new furniture:

Duty ammunition currently consists of:

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