Saturday, February 12, 2011

Walking Tall

I've noticed, just in the past day or so, that Blue is walkin' tall (although, at 6'5" this comes fairly naturally). His shoulders seem to be back a little further. His head seems to be held a little higher.

While driving in the truck today I decided to ask him about this. I broached the subject about the slight shift and once he thought about it he realized it was true, he did feel a bit different. I offered my two cents for why this might be.

1. You aren't griping about your crappy boss all the time.
2. You're learning about stuff that you're actually interested in.
3. You're happy to be changing careers.

Blue agreed with all of these observations but then said that it was still over and above all of that, it was that he feels liberated to progress. I liked what he said.

When you're beaten down for so long and your talents are stifled/unwanted it's like someone closed the blinds on life. It's hard to notice when the sun is out. But when someone actually notices your potential and comes along side of you to help you be your best and is eager to see you succeed, man, that's when the sun shines its brightest. You feel as though there is no limit to what you can achieve.

It's good to see him happy and smiling when he gets home at the end of the day.
Yes, Blue has been walking tall. He feels supported by everyone around him; friends, family, officers, fellow recruits, heck, even the Use of Force guys that are trying to kill him three days a week.


  1. Help him to keep that in mind when he gets a bad sergeant or a crummy lieutenant some day. In a career, it's bound to happen at least once. Remind him that overall, his shift needs, heck his agency... forget that... the citizens need an officer who feels liberated to progress. Remind him that comes from within, as much above.

    And remember nothing makes a man feel liberated to progress quite like a supportive woman behind him. Sounds like you both are positioned well for the job.

  2. It takes a special kind of person to be a cop. My dh has 10 years in now. He did a lot of other things before that and was never content with his "job". Now he is a professional and very proud to wear the uniform. Congratulations to your husband and welcome to the "family".


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