Sunday, June 10, 2012


Posted by: Blue

Last night was a flurry of drunks.  Not unlike most other weekends.

Drunk # 1:

  • Wandering in traffic
  • Kept answering "That's right" to questions like: "What's your address?"
  • Wearing his shirt around his neck like a scarf

Drunk # 2:

  • Call info: intox. male, c/b (concious/breathing), passed-out at party.... (if he's passed out, he's not concious...?)
  • No one in the house knew who he was.
  • Couldn't stand on his own feet
  • Had a huge 6" x 6" scar from previous brain surgery
Drunk # 3: 
  • On a tear for his bachelor party but his friends had ditched him
  • Almost naked when we found him (underwear hanging halfway down his arse)
  • Kept asking me if I played hockey and then telling me I was a waste of tall when I told him I didn't
Drunk # 4:
  • Found while we were trying to find a place for Drunk # 3 to sober-up
  • Was trying to drink out of his cell phone when I told him to call a friend to pick him up
  • Went from not being able to walk down stairs under his own power to explaining technical details about flying F-18 fighter jets within 25 minutes
  • His friends had also ditched him

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