Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What Are Friends For?

Posted by: Blue

A few days ago my partner and I were parked on one of the major streets in our district, catching-up on a report.  I was jumping and I was grumpy because a woman had promised to turn herself in on a warrant that we hadn't had time to deal with the day before.  She lied.  I hate that.

It was a beautiful night so we had the windows down when a bright red Grand Am went flying by with a male in the rear right passenger seat who yelled something unintelligible at us as he passed.

"Light him up, JT."  I said.

JT already had his finger on the Federal System switch.  We pulled them over a few blocks later in a parking lot.

The passengers were all ID'd.  The driver gave us a name and said he didn't have a licence on him.

He lied.  I hate that.

He gave us the name of his brother too, so that's Personation.  In the end, he was a Prohibited Driver (criminal offence, not traffic violation), had a warrant for Fail to Appear in Court, and also was done for the new Personation charge.  The funny part was that two of the other three passengers had valid licences.

I told him his dumb-dumb buddy got him arrested just because he was leaning out a window and yelling something to grab our attention.

He said: "What are friends for, anyway?"

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