Sunday, September 2, 2012


Posted by: Blue

Last night, on an Impaired Driving arrest (the worst possible type of call and arrest in terms of paperwork and B.S.), our guy tried to sprint when we opened the cruiser car door at the station.  We watched him take 2 steps and then bail in the gravel, likely because he only had one shoe on (he had lost the other trying to jump a fence running from K9).  The turf surf was pretty harsh, 'cause he was cuffed behind the back per policy.

Nothing to break his fall but his face.

Sometimes, Karma does the ass-kicking for us.

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  1. A typical impaired takes an average of 8-10 hours or so to complete for a crew of 2 officers.

    They have terrible conviction stats, because everyone fights them and there is so much duplicity in paperwork that it is nearly impossible to complete without making some fatal error.

    A refusal to provide a blood sample is the quickest, followed by an agreement to take the breathalyzer and finally, as the worst possible outcome, a blood demand (made when the person is unable to physically provide a breath sample) can be a hellish nightmare that will consume up to a solid 3 days of an officer's time.


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