Thursday, September 6, 2012

On the Home Front

Posted by: Blue

As I have posted before, I have a second life as a finishing carpenter and cabinet maker/installer.  It was one of my previous careers.

We bought a "fixer-upper" house.  Here is a list of the things that I have done to it so far:

  • Tore-out kitchen, re-designed it, built a new kitchen, installed it
  • Tore-out 3 walls (lath and plaster), re-designed main floor layout (including re-routing ducts) 
  • Re-painted every square inch of wall and ceiling
  • Replaced all of the flooring on the first and second floors and stairs, including sub-floor on second floor
  • Re-cased all doors and windows, repainted the same
  • Painted the exterior (minus trim)
  • New door for kid's room
  • Walk-in closet addition to master bedroom, including manufacturing built-in cabinets and shoe shelves
  • Built-in pantry cabinet closets for kids' room
  • Built and upholstered 2 chairs
  • Built office desk
  • Milled and replaced all of the railings on second floor
  • New curtain rods and curtains on most windows
  • Multiple electrical upgrades
  • Crown moulding in the dining room and living room
  • Re-drywalled the dining room and living room
This is what is left to do:
  • Remove all sod, re-grade front and back yards, replace sidewalks and front steps, re-sod
  • Replace front chain-link fence with hedge and wrought iron gate
  • Scrape and paint all exterior trim
  • Baseboards
  • Replace kitchen flooring (again) as I tore the vinyl with the fridge pushing it in (stupid rookie move)
  • Replace stairs into basement and all of the flooring on them
  • Re-drywall the back entrance
  • Replace much of the flooring in the basement
  • Finish the spare bedroom in the basement
  • Touch-up all paint
  • Hardware for a few of the cabinets
  • Knock-down shed and garage, build mega-garage with shop
  • New parking pad
  • Repair and replace parts of the back fence, repaint entire fence
  • Take out current flower beds and re-design, re-plant
  • Clean gutters
  • Trim pine trees
  • Tear-out both bathrooms and replace tub, shower, sinks, possibly toilets and rough plumbing
  • Install exhaust fan in main bath
  • Build medicine cabinet and shelves for bathroom with mirror
  • Build entertainment unit for rec room
  • Install false stringers for stairs
  • Sell this stupid, stupid house and buy one that some other schmuck has already finished
Out of all of these things, the only thing I have not done myself (or plan to do myself), is the carpet for the two bedrooms.

Most weeks, heading back to "work" at the station means I get a bit of a break.

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