Tuesday, January 8, 2013

False Perspective

Posted by: Blue

Last night we responded to a male holding a knife to his throat in the shower.

We got there moments after my Patrol Sergeant did.

The guy was locked in his bathroom and the shower was running.

"John, come on out here.  Put the knife on the floor and show us your hands.  We have a taser."

"Just use a nail or something on the door.  It's one of those locks you can open with a nail."

"I don't have a nail, John.  Open the door or I'm gonna kick it down."

"Am I going to jail?"

"Well, John, you haven't hurt anyone have you?"


"And you haven't threatened anyone have you?"


"Then why would I take you to jail?  But I need you to open the door so that I don't have to kick it down and taser you."

"Just a sec.  I'm gonna put my robe on."

John finally came out of the bathroom.  We cuffed him and searched him and then took him into custody under the Mental Health Act.

On the way to the hospital for a mandatory psychological evaluation, John said "I just wish my wife hadn't come home.  She's so crazy.  She makes everything worse.  She's just so crazy."

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