Friday, March 13, 2015


Posted by: Blue

My father died on February 17. He had a sudden pulmonary embolism.

It has been a hard month, but would have been much more difficult without loving co-workers, friends and family.

I have been reminded of the beauty in life and the things I have to be grateful for.


  1. My condolences.

    My father had a heart attack on the 30th of Jan. A LE gave him CPR and brought him back. He now has a pacemaker.

    My prayers are with you,

  2. @RD I hope you have many more years with him. My father was a good man. I would imagine if your dad raised you to be the man you are, that he is too.

    Thanks for the prayers. We have been blessed by the people who have shown their support from all over; often in unexpected ways.


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