Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day Shift: Tour # 1

Posted by: Blue

Today was a good day.

I checked my online pay stub.  There's an extra $300.00 worth of overtime coming my way this pay period.

Our uniform supplies such as pants, shirts, and shoes operate on a points system.  While in recruit class, there were points sitting on my account that I couldn't redeem until graduation.  Now that I've been out for a few weeks, I decided to go shopping.  There are currently twice as many points on my Stores Account as there were during academy.  I took a chunk out of them today and picked-up:

- Four monogrammed mock-neck t-shirts for wearing under the duty shirt.  These mean not wearing ties, even with our jackets on.
- A new pair of slash gloves for back-up.
- A plainclothes holster (more easily concealed while working in "civvies").
- A plainclothes badge (worn beside the gun while in plainclothes so that people in the grocery store don't hit the dirt when you're buying milk).
- A duty sweater for cold mornings.

The sweater is my favourite apprehension.  It looks kinda like this:
(Image courtesy of:

But without the ribbing, and with shoulder flashes.

I also checked my time bank, and found that I had an extra 10 hours credited to my overtime bank somehow during my transfers in and out of academy.  I'm assured it's not a mistake.  Pretty sweet to have an extra day off.

To top-off my day, I got home to my wife cooking chili.  One of my favourites.  I had 3 helpings.

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