Friday, November 4, 2011

Day Shift: Tour # 3

This morning, my partner and I attended a Suspicious Circumstance call.  Initial information was that there was an unknown male in front of the complainant's house "possibly stealing internet".

When we got there, the male was sleeping in the front seat of his black VW Jetta, no laptop in sight.  I knocked on the window and prepared for the worst, trying to peer through the dark tinted windows.  Even as the first call of the day, my partner would be typing an impaired driver until the end of the shift.  They take forever to process.

The male woke up, and was startled and sleepy, but sober as a judge.

It would seem that the nighshift had already had a run-in with him, and towed his car for having invalid insurance.

It would also seem that they had it towed to a different address... but how did it get here now... with him inside of it...?  Such a strange thing.  It was almost as though he had another tow truck tow it two blocks over, away from his home... Unless... He wouldn't have driven it would he?!  That would be illegal!  Again!  After the other crew gave him a break instead of impounding it; allowing him to tow it home!  That scallywag!  Knave!  Rapscallion!

We tagged him again.  And seized his plates.  We would have impounded it, except that upon further investigation, we realized that the insurance on his actual car was fine.  He just had the wrong plates on the vehicle; a ticketable offence, but not towable.

Our entire shift went to a course last week on vehicle inspections.  We have the power to pull any vehicle to the side of the road and inspect it for safety purposes.  It is generally possible to tow approximately 65% of the vehicles on our roadways for failing to meet the safety requirements necessary (according to our Vehicle Inspection Unit's statistics).  Since the course, I have been itching for a chance to find some vehicles to practice on.  I suggested to my partner that we try with a grin.  He rolled his eyes and told me it was still early and dark and cold.

Maybe tomorrow, when I am in the jumper seat.

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